Steam Workshop::Starbound Mod Armoury Friend Pack


Steam Workshop::Starbound Mod Armoury Friend Pack

Or will there be other kinds of upgrades? Currently the only known ship upgrade is the starmap, and even that would be rendered obsolete when the one universe sector thing kicks in. For some reason, Penguin Pete isn't offering me anything in regards to ship upgrades and I've gotten most of the Outpost unlocked; except for Dreadwing, which I'm still too underpowered to take on that mission and getting the teddy bear which I'm still farming cotton. Forums > Starbound > Starbound Discussion > Suggestions > Mechanics > Dec 31, 2013. semetsu Void-Bound Voyager.

Ship upgrades starbound

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2016-07-22 · While exploring the worlds of Starbound, you’ll be relying on your ship to get you through the deadly darkness of space. This ship, like many other elements of the game, can be upgraded to provide What does the command /upgradeship do in Starbound? Usage /upgradeship shipUpgrades. Applies the specified ship upgrades to the current player's ship. shipUpgrades should be specified as a JSON object enclosed by single quotes, e.g. '{"shipLevel" : 5}' 2016-08-14 · Sparrow Ship Upgrade is a side quest which becomes available after players have recruited two ship crew members.

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This room would store shuttles, starfighters, drilling boats, etc., and to get spacecraft to put in the hangars, you would have to craft or buy them. The license you get from penguin bay isent a useable item.

Steam Workshop::Starbound Mod Armoury Friend Pack

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2021-03-11 2018-12-04 2016-08-14 To upgrade your ship, you'll need Upgrade Modules.
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2020-05-15 2016-07-22 What does the command /upgradeship do in Starbound? Usage /upgradeship shipUpgrades.

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The quest requires the player gather 2 Upgrade Modules and deliver them to the shipyard captain east of the outpost. After turning in the quest the player's ship size will be expanded and max crew level increased. 2021-03-11 · Upgrade Modules are an upgrade item used to upgrade weapons and a requirement for upgrading ship size. They can be traded in to either Penguin Pete for ship upgrades , or Biggy's Reputable Weaponry for upgraded weapons. Starbound Upgradeship Command This command can be used to upgrade your ship. See command examples for help.